The following was posted by a kind soul to the comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html newsgroup. The point he made was that "if you use the W3C DTD's correctly, then you can get just about anything to validate." All I have done is mark it up.

Netscape extensions HTML

<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//WebTechs//DTD Mozilla HTML//EN">  html-mcom.dtd
<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//WebTechs//DTD Mozilla HTML 2.0//EN">  html-mcom.dtd
<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//Netscape Comm. Corp.//DTD HTML//EN">  html-mcom.dtd
<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//Netscape Comm. Corp.//DTD Strict HTML//EN">  html-mcoms.dtd

Microsoft extensions HTML

<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//Microsoft//DTD Internet Explorer 2.0 HTML//EN">  iehtml.dtd
<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//Microsoft//DTD Internet Explorer 2.0 HTML Strict//EN">  iehtml-s.dtd
<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//Microsoft//DTD Internet Explorer 2.0 Tables//EN">  ietables.dtd
<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//Microsoft//DTD Internet Explorer 3.0 HTML//EN">  ie30.dtd
<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//Microsoft//DTD Internet Explorer 3.0 HTML Strict//EN">  ie30-s.dtd
<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//Microsoft//DTD Internet Explorer 3.0 Tables//EN">  ie30tables.dtd

Sun Microsystems HotJava extensions

<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems Corp.//DTD HotJava HTML//EN">  html-hj.dtd
<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems Corp.//DTD HotJava Strict HTML//EN">  html-hjs.dtd

HTML 2.1 variants

<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.1E//EN">  html-2.1e.dtd

O'Reilly & Associates DTD;

(Refer to
<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//O'Reilly and Associates//DTD HTML Extended 1.0//EN">  oreilly-html.dtd
<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//O'Reilly and Associates//DTD HTML Extended Relaxed 1.0//EN">  oreilly-html-relaxed.dtd
<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//O'Reilly and Associates//DTD HTML 2.0//EN">  oreilly-rfc1866.dtd
PUBLIC "-//O'Reilly and Associates//ELEMENTS Table Fragment 1.0//EN">  oreilly-draft-table.elements
PUBLIC "-//O'Reilly and Associates//ENTITIES Additional HTML 1.0//EN">  oreilly-additional.entities

SoftQuad HTML 2.0 + extensions

<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//SQ//DTD HTML 2.0 HoTMetaL + extensions//EN">  html-sq.dtd

Spyglass HTML 2.0 Extended DTD

<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//Spyglass//DTD HTML 2.0 Extended//EN">  spyglass/html2x.dtd
<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "ISO/IEC 10179:1995//NOTATION DSSSL Style Language//EN">  spyglass/dsssl.not
<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//IETF//NOTATION W3C Style Language//EN">  spyglass/w3csty.not
<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//IETF//NOTATION Cascading Style Sheet Language//EN">  spyglass/css.not

"HTML Pro"

<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "ISO 8879-1986//ENTITIES Added Latin 2//EN">  pro/usr/local/lib/sgml/iso_8879-1986/entities/added_latin_2
<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "ISO 8879-1986//ENTITIES Publishing//EN">  pro/usr/local/lib/sgml/iso_8879-1986/entities/publishing
<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "ISO 8879-1986//ENTITIES General Technical//EN">  pro/usr/local/lib/sgml/iso_8879-1986/entities/general_technical
<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "ISO 8879-1986//ENTITIES Numeric and Special Graphic//EN">  pro/usr/local/lib/sgml/iso_8879-1986/entities/numeric_and_special_graphic
<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "+//Silmaril//DTD HTML Pro v0r11 19970101//EN">  pro/html/dtds/htmlpro.dtd

W3C HTML 4.0 Transitional

<!DOCTYPE PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">  REC-html40-971218/loose.dtd

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