HTML documents

HTML Quick Reference (10/11/95)
HTML Primer 2.0
Wilbur - HTML 3.2 Specs
The Barebones guide to HTML
Mosaic for X version 2.0 Fill-Out Form Support
NCSA HTTPd Overview
The Common Gateway Interface
Perl 5
revised HTML documentation
HTML Writer

An Exploration of Dynamic Documents
Net Genesis
Net Genisis Forms
Matt's Script Archive

he HTML Writers Guild Website
Writing for the Web (UK Gov)
HTML Writers Guild List of HTML Resources
HTML Writers Guild FAQS
WWW Consortium (W3C)
HTML Elements
W3C Hypertext Markup
HTML Writers Guild Specific Information
Transparency Page
Yahoo Icons
HTML Validation Service
Web Site Garage for checking pages

WWW Security Reference Page
ÓA+ Art Free Backgrounds Bars Icons Clipart
The Graphics File Format Page (2D specs)
The Museum of Counter Art
Digit Mania
Web Extension to American Psychological Association Style
Citing Internet Resources


Java: Programming for the Internet
API Users's Guide - Packages
GUI Programming using Java
The Life Cycle of a Java Event
How Java is different from C, Chap 2 of Java in a Nutshell
Special Edition Using Javascript - Table of Contents


Trumpet Software International
Techexplorer v1.2B - Browser for maths symbols
Aptiva Support on the WEB
IBM Voicetype
The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
PowerQuest - PartitionMagic for Windows 95 and DOS
General Store: The Navigators
Borland Online
Borland Technical Support
Microsoft Knowledge Base
Serif Software
Windows Clients
Tympani Development Store - NetAttach" Light
Pro Soft Index
VSL: Front Desk at the OAK Repository (
Tomcat's How-To's
Visual SlickEdit
NetMeeting 2.0 Beta for Windows 95 - US English Version - Download Page
Ghostscript, Ghostview & GSview
DOS Freeware
Shockwave - Macromedia
Shareware Home page
Goldwave - Audio
PC Magazine Download
Index of Batchftp on Enterprise
PK Ware - for PKZIP
JASC - for Paint Shop Pro
PGP download
Enterprise Batch FTP Service
Directory of /pub/batchftp
Mirabilis LTD. - Network Status Page
Matt's Script Archive
PageGate from Notepage
Anti Virus Updates
Frank's Delphi Page
Delphi Developer Support -Pages
Mathematical Functions
EditPad, HelpScribble - Software by JG
HelpScribble - An Excellent Help Authoring Tool
antivirus online: latest updates
MSDN Online
Agent User's Guide
Delphi Links

Human Computer Interaction

IBM Human Computer Interaction
IBM User-Centered Design external
Microsoft Usability
HCI Technologies in Japan
TC159/SC4/ WG3 (ISO 9241-9)
British HCI Group
World-Wide Web Virtual Library area on Human-Computer Interaction
Index of Human-Computer Interaction on the web
NPL Usability Services Section
Noldus for Video Tape Analysis System
Welcome to KMi Stadium