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Progress Log

Here is a log of the fitting out events (dates are normally completion dates). As I am still sailing Tiger Lily, I am not working full time on the fitting out process (sometimes only 3 or 4 days per week and even less in the winter). Much time is spent planning changes and deciding on items that will increase 'creature comfort' rather than actually doing the work. For example, the holding tank and associated plumbing has taken a great deal of effort.

DateTask / Event
JanuaryTrial/Demo Sail
FebruaryHull Moulding
Temporary Mainhatch built
Alarm system installed
MayAccess steps built (knocked up from some old timber)
Holding Tank Designed (with advice from Lee Sanitation)
Calorifier fitted (moved to under port mid locker to make room for Holding Tank
JuneCockpit locker lid (Required a bit of reshaping to get it to fit correctly)
Anchor Locker Lid
One month off (Sailing Tiger Lily in Sweden)
JulyPulpit and Bicolour (almost forgot to put in the electric wire for the bicolour)
Pushpit (needs 2 people to do this one)
Rubbing Strakes (Note that the mouldings are not symmetric and they fit better one way than the other)
Stanchions and Guardrails (The port aft stanchion is tricky as it is close to a bulkhead)
Bow Fairleads, Spring Cleats, Transom Chainplates
AugustMast base and Eye bolts
Turning blocks and Bullseye blocks (Took some time to shape up the bullseye blocks)
Transom Fittings, Rudder and Tiller
Jib track
Main Hatch rails, Washboard rails, Grab handles
Jammers and Winch (Made some slight changes here
Forehatch installed (easier than expected
Bilge Pump and Fuel Tank supports (Need to fit Bilge pump first or cut an access hole so that it can installed/serviced once the fuel tank is fitted
Gas Locker, Fuel filler/vent
SeptemberAft Cabin plumbing and Engine Controls (Routing the fuel and gas lines from the cockpit locker
Hydraulic Ram (Quite difficult to get aligned properly
Plumbing work in the heads
Southampton Boat Show (Lots of research work
Auxiliary Battery installation (Extra power will be needed, so fitting an extra battery)
OctoberUnder floor support structures (All the bits and pieces for tanks, batteries etc.)
Planning the heater installation
Exhaust pipe and engine control cables
Heater mounted
Installed cockpit engine controls
Heater pipes fitted (The exhaust pipe can get hot and needs special attention)
Installed helm postion engine control
More fuel tank work and Sedimenter
Gas pipe installed (Difficult as the pipe does not bend well)
NovemberWater plumbing
Forward bulkead facings (difficult to get the starboard side piece of wood into the boat)
Forecabin Door cut to size
Grey water system planned and installed
Mainhatch completed
December Calorifier connected
Portside locker space lined, partitions built
Connected up the air vents for the Holding tank etc.
Companionway steps and engine forward bulkhead
Three of the four doorposts shaped
January Not a good month because of weather problems
Portside shroud chainplate fitted
Engine access deckplate
February Forecabin side deck linings and portlights
Coolbox chilling unit and air venting sorted out
March Anchor Winch fitted
Forecabin hull linings and facia boards
Saloon raised floor and back panel
April Battery boxes 1 and 2 made and fitted
Electrics started
Winch wiring
MayCoolbox fitted
Skin fittings (Water) installed
Plumbing to these fittings
Electrics continued
JuneGalley started
Starboard Shroud Chain plate
Forecabin and Heads vents
Saloon Floor (lower)
JulyGalley basics mostly completed
Galley drawer
Heavy electrics
Under cooker cubboard
Hull lining and insulation
AugustHatch over Helm position
Electric controls
Cooker mounted
Transducers fitted
Forecabin headlining
SeptemberHelm position built
Forecabin door mouldings
Adverc controller fitted
More heavy electrics
OctoberReinstalled Gas Pipe (1/4" to 5/16" and re-routed it)
Teak painting (forecabin and saloon)
Mast and cabin lighting wiring
NovemberCompleted Galley area (except for taps)
Forecabin extra water containers
External Mains supply
Water pump wiring completed
DecemberCharging circuitry sorted out and routed
Aft cabin woodwork
Gas valve wiring and control box fitted
JanuaryBoat Show - research and planning
Side posts shaped and fitted - main saloon
More Aft cabin woodwork and hull lining
FebruaryFinal Gas fitting completed (took time to obtain it)
Galley shelving completed
Mostly bad weather!
MarchFloor cut and shaped
Saloon backrest fitted
Charging/Mains panel
Aft Cabin portlight (1)
AprilCockpit U-bolts for jack stays, Mainsheet pad eye
Navigation lights panel
Aft Cabin portlight(2)
Hydraulics plumbed in
MayTeak varnishing
More wiring (lights)
Saloon Headlining
JuneHydraulics filled
Stern portlight
Stern light
Heads cupboards started
Doors made - ready for painting
JulyAft cabin lining (not happy with it - needs re-doing)
Heater pipe installed
Doors made - ready for painting
...more (To be completed)

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