UK Political Links

For those who are interested in British Politics, here is a fairly complete list of UK Political Parties on the WWW. As a counterbalance, and to avoid total boredom, I've also added a set of Satirical Links. Thanks to David Paxton for this suggestion.

UK General Election Sites

The Election now being over, I have now removed these links. The Conservative Party website went down shortly after the 1997 election, but has now reappeared, in a much chastened form!

I didn't think it was worthwhile doing anything much for the 2001 election, so there's nothing here!

UK Political Parties

Here is Electric Soup's list of UK Political Parties, in alphabetical order.

UK Political Satire on the WWW

Also worth a visit: Sedition is a new webzine with some very though-provoking articles.

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