PS Waverley and other Steamers

Last of the Clyde Paddle Steamers and still going strong!

PS Waverley, 1971

Here's a picture of 'Waverley' leaving Brodick Pier (Arran), on an afternoon relief sailing at Easter 1971.
Photo/Scan © 1971/96 I.W.Logan.

Some old Clyde Steamer pictures

Duchess of Argyll, 1924
The ferry loads passengers from the 'Duchess of Argyll', 1924, off Corrie, Isle of Arran
Scan © 1996 I.W.Logan.

Coming Ashore
Coming ashore, at Corrie c.1935.
Scan © 1996 I.W.Logan.

Glen Sannox I
Glen Sannox I leaving Brodick in about 1921

Photo by Jack Young, Courtesy D.J.Young. Scan © 1996 D.J.Young.

More Clyde and Western Isles ferries:

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