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Here are a few more photos featuring some of the locomotives that run on my model railway, taken using one of the new Casio Cameras. (Borrowed again)

A1 Loco #60161 closeup
The front end of A1 No. 60161 'North British' in closeup.

A1 Loco #60161
A1 No. 60161 'North British' approaches Laggantuinn station.

Caledonian 0-4-4T No. 55189 in BR livery. The grey boiler bands are a trick of the light!

Photo of
Laimhrig Quay Station.

NBR 'Scott' Class D30 'Wandering Willie' on a passenger train.

D30 'Scott' Class Loco #62440
'Wandering Willie'
NBR D30 'Scott' Class Loco No. 62440 'Wandering Willie'.

EM2 Co-Co 1500V DC Electric Loco
EM2 Co-Co DC Electric Loco No. 27014 (fictitious number).

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