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Our Aim - Universal Access

These pages have come about as a result of recent threads on Usenet newsgroups, detailing a number of cases where users were experiencing difficulty gaining access to certain public transport websites. Closer examination showed that the principal problems were being caused by the use of non-standard vendor specified HTML, and the idiosyncrasies of certain widely-used browsers.

Given that provision of Public Transport Information is an activity where accessibility is of considerably more importance than in many other fields, we believe this situation warrants some urgent attention to remove these difficulties, and to eliminate an otherwise unhealthy and unnecessary form of discrimination.

Existing types of printed Public Transport Information already attract guidelines to maximise accessibility, the widely observed DIPTAC standards for partially-sighted persons being a case in point.

We therefore present our case in favour of providing attractive, universally accessible web pages to those who seek public transport information.

In doing so we also recognise that positive help to achieve this aim will be needed, and we therefore offer Public Transport Information providers on the web some brief guidelines on good practice, comprehensively linked to more detailed sources of advice, specifications and examples. We believe that this will be of benefit to both enquirers and providers alike.

We also hope that this will help raise awareness of the rich resources already available on the web to those who seek help to prepare wholly accessible web pages.

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Links to Principal Sources of Help - All free of charge!

The W3C (The body who recommend the standards for HTML)
The HTML3.2 Specification Online
The HTML3.2 Specification (downloadable ZIP archive)
Webtechs Validation Service
Webtechs Validation Service (UK Mirror site at HENSA)
A Kinder, Gentler Validator
Good Design Practice:
The Web Design Group
Jakob Nielsen's Alertboxes
Delorie's Web Page Purifier (filters different subsets of HTML tags to help assess how a page would work on older browsers)
Bobby (checks sites for disability access, page loading speed and browser compatibility)
WGBH Boston, USA: Disabled-accessibility pages

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DIPTAC - Disabed Persons Transport Advisory Committee (UK Dept. of Environment, Transport and The Regions) [Return to text]

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