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Ha Long Bay

70 miles from Ha Noi is Ha Long Bay. "If you haven't visited Ha Long Bay, you haven't been to Vietnam". Ha Long bay is an outstanding example of karst (limestone) landcape, the result of a complex geological process taking over a hundred million years.

It is majestic, imposing, mysterious and romantic. Within the islands of the bay there are hundreds of famous caves. To explore Ha Long bay, you travel by traditional wooden boats with capacities of 15 to 50 passengers.

You will have very nice seafood meals, on the boats. You can stay overnight in these boats and enjoy the wonder of Ha Long Bay's sunset and experience the Bay by moonlight.

Ha Long Bay (World Heritage Site) is one of the World's wonders, and is very famous

A small pagoda at the top of an island in the Ha Long Bay landscape

Tourists ready to board a boat to the islands in Ha Long Bay

The traditional wooden boats have capacities of 15 to 50 passengers

Inside a traditional wooden boat

The bridge goes to the caves in Sung Sot, one of Ha Long Bay's islands

Inside the Sung Sot cave

Inside the Sung Sot cave

The Sung Sot cave on Ha Long Bay

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