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The Aquarium

You can sit in your armchair, by day or by night,
And feast your eyes on A wonderous sight,
The beauty of nature, in A world of it's own,
Best thing to relax you, that I've ever known,
A collection of fish in an aquarium I see,
All colours, all kinds, swimming silent and free,
Your own living picture, A sight to behold,
Something that fascinates both young and old,
In crystal clear water, they swim all around,
A moving picture, that makes no sound,
A background of rocks, green plants, and bright light,
I do think the aquarium is A wonderful sight.


I often gaze up at the sky,
And watch the clouds go drifting by,
They block the sun from shining through,
They shower rain on me and you,
Yet if no clouds were up on high,
We would have no water, you and I,
Flowers and Animals would die and go,
Nothing on this earth would grow,
The world would be A derelict place,
Nothing left of the human race,
So I don't mind the clouds we see,
If not for clouds, where would we be.

Road Safety

If you ever have to cross the road,
Always remember the green cross code,
A zebra crossing is the best place,
When traffic has stopped, cross at A fast pace,
Never run-in case you should fall,
Because then the driver wont see you at all,
At school if the lollypop lady is there,
She will make sure you cross with care,
But if there's no grown up walking with you,
No crossings, no traffic lights, here's what you do,
The first thing to do, is look left and right,
Make sure that no traffic is anywhere in sight,
We all have ears, and we all have eyes,
Use them to cross, if you are wise,
Your eyes see the traffic, your ears hear the noise,
They help you to cross, both girls and boys,
When you see traffic, the pavement's the place,
When it has passed, cross at A fast pace,
If you follow the code, and do as your told,
Then hopefully you will grow to be old.

The Swan

The proudest bird I've ever seen,
Is the swan so elegant, just like a queen,
It glides up river, with head held high,
Just watching the world go slowly by,
Swans have feathers, of purest white,
To watch them go by, is a perfect delight,
These magnificient birds, look very shy,
But can be quite vicious - I don't know why,
These proud birds are very demanding,
Even so - they are beauty outstanding.

My Tragic Love

I have a picture my darling,
Of someone so special and true,
I will treasure this picture my darling,
Since it's all I have left of you,
I will never forget that fateful night,
When you left my world for good,
If there was a way of bringing you back,
My darling you know that I would,
A drunken young man, was driving a car,
He was going some speed that night,
He swerved from the road, and mounted the kerb,
My god what a terrible fright,
I pulled you towards me, but I was to slow,
I heard screeching brakes, then a thud,
One moment we walked hand in hand,
The next you lay covered in blood,
I knew you had left me, no more to return,
My heart was broken in two,
There was only one person that I'd ever love,
And my darling that person was you,
In my pocket A picture-framed with love,
In my heart, dear sweet memories of you,
Until we meet again,in heaven above,
To you darling, I'll always stay true.

Poems © 2001-2002 Florence J. Gillanders

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