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Welcome to Langholm's Great Day - 31st July 1998

Now that Langholm's Great Day has arrived, I've great pleasure in bringing you some more digital photos.

For most of Common Riding morning we were blessed with fair weather. Cornet Devlin's sheer exuberance infected all present, making this a truly memorable day. As usual, things ran a wee bit late, but we put this down to the Cornet not wanting his 'once in a lifetime' experience to end!

The Benty Rideout - 18th July 1998

This is the first major rideout leading up to the Common Riding, and here are two pictures taken on the day:

Riders taking a well earned break on the slopes of Bombie Hill on the way to Bentpath.

and another showing
A casualty being reshod at Benty.

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The Castle Craigs Rideout - 25th July 1998

Run by The Castle Craigs Club, this is the highlight of 'The Setterday Afore'.

Riders ascending the slopes of Whita Hill.

A wee refreshment beside the cairn at Castle Craigs.

The happy band assemble for a photograph.

Cornet Malcolm Devlin leads the way.

A pause for refreshment at Cronksbank.

Some refreshment being prepared for your editor!

Jubilee Cornet Edgar Morrison receives his quaich.

The Pipe Band escorts the returning riders through the High Street.

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The Mason's March - 26th July 1998

On a very wet Sunday evening ...

... preceded by the Langholm Town Band ...

... the Freemasons of Lodge Eskdale Kilwinning No. 107 march to the Kirk for their Annual Divine Service.

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Simmer Fair Night - 30th July 1998

The Flute Band prepare to march round the New Town.

Three Lovely Ladies from Leeds fortify themselves for the Great Day.

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Common Riding Day - 31st July 1998

Dawn breaks over the Townhead.

The Hound Trailers watch the return of the dogs.

The Flute Band lead the Hound Trailers back to the town.

Cornet Malcolm Devlin receives the Town's Standard.

John Elliot cries the Langholm Fair.

Cornet Devlin leads the gallop up the Kirk Wynd and on to Whita Road.

Semi-jubilee Cornet Michael Bell carries the Flag from the Monument to Whita Well.

Cornet Devlin at Whita Well.

Cornet Devlin leads the riders across the Ewes at the Kiln Green.

The Cornet and his father David on the Castleholm.

Later, there was dancing in the street ...

... followed by the handing in of The Flag ...

... and a chance to relax.

That's it for another year. A Memorable Day.

A video of the 1998 Langholm Common Riding in VHS (PAL) format, suitable for use in the UK, Western Europe (except France) and British Commonwealth (except Canada) can be obtained direct from:

Douglas Harkness,
Station Cottages,
126 High Street,
DG13 0

Price: £14.95 + £1.25 Post and Packing (UK) or £5.00 (Overseas)

Copies are also available at 'Spruce' in the High Street.

For those who would like to to see photos from last year's Common Riding, that page will be here for another month or so.

Digital Photos © I.W. Logan 1998

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