Langholm Rugby Football Club

Season 1999-2000 Match Reports

Ground: Milntown, Langholm, Dumfriesshire, Scotland
(½ mile North of Langholm on the A7)

The Langholm Sevens, 29th April 2000.

Full results of the Sevens are here.

National League: Saturday April 1st 2000 - Langholm [28] v. Corstorphine [17]

Our 1st XV were always in control in a closely fought match on the Castleholm, which leaves us in third place at the close of the Season. [TS]

The Langholm Junior Sevens was won by Hawick 2nds. Langholm loost to Melrose 24-5 in the second round.

National League: Saturday 25th March 2000 - Murrayfield Wanderers [49] v. Langholm [10]

Another frustrating finish to the season with promotion just out of reach. We can have no complaints about the result as we were well beaten by the strongest and best drilled pack of forwards in the division. [TS]

Border League: Tuesday 21st March 2000 - Langholm [118] v. Melrose [34]

Although battling against the odds with only a handful of senior players, Langholm showed great spirit and commitment in defeat against one of the top sides in Scotland. [TS]

National League: Saturday 11th March 2000 - Langholm [18] v. Stewartry [12]

When David Irving strode over for an early try, hopes of a bonus point emerged. In spite of continual pressure for most of the match, in the ned we were glad to survive a late Stewartry surge to secure a win. [TS]

National League: Sunday 5th March 2000 - Langholm [13] v. Glasgow Southern [18]

When Graham Park blazed over the line to make the score 13-5, with 15 minutes to go I thought that was enough. All credit to Southern for scoring two more tries but we may have kicked away a vital result. [TS]

National League: Saturday 26th February 2000 - Ross High [17 v. Langholm [22]

We expected a close match - and we got it! After 50 minutes and 17-10 down, Langholm upped the tempo and finally began to edge out the Ross High forwards. The resulting two tries were fully deserved andthe whole team showed both character and discipline to take the ross High unbeaten home record. [TS]

National League: Saturday 29th January 2000 - Langholm [17] v. Livingston [7]

Livingston opened the scoring in the first half with a penalty try, but were soon overtaken by Langholm, taking the score to 10 - 7 by half time. Langholm scored again early in the second half, and succeeded in holding off Livingston to the end with a vigorous defence. We're now in fourth position in the league [IL]

National League: Saturday 22nd January 2000 - Annan [14] v. Langholm [38]

This time we were back in full fettle. Early scoring took us to 0 - 13 by half time. A further stirring half, in which Annan, after applying extreme pressure, managed to score two tries, saw Langholm stretch their lead to 24 points in an impressive show of running rugby. [IL]

National League: Saturday 15th January 2000 - Langholm v. Corstorphine

Match postponed due to frost.

Border League: Saturday 8th January 2000 - Langholm [12] v. Selkirk [38]

Well, this could have been an unmitigated disaster. At half time the score was 0-38. However, the team having woken up, the game ended with the score at 12-38, so honour at least was restored. In mitigation, several key players were laid low with 'flu. Could have done better. [IL]

First International of the New Millennium: 1 January 2000 - Carlisle [9] v. Langholm [15]

This, already the oldest 'club international' in the world, and probably the first such rugby match of the millennium was played in good conditions. Among other things, it included a crafty try, a good try, a lazy penalty and he usual nail-biting finish. [TS]

Border League: 27/28 December - Langholm v. Jedforest

Match postponed due to frost.

Border League: Tuesday 21st December - Hawick v. Langholm

Match postponed due to snow.

Cup Tie: Saturday 18th December - Strathendrick [30] v. Langholm [22]

Yet another disappointing game - beaten by a team from four divisions below. That said, Strathendrick are a good team, and were in better form on the day. [BR]

National League: Saturday 11th December - Duns [20] v. Langholm [5]

Another disappointing game, partially due to two of our players being on tour in the West Indies. [TS]

National League: Saturday 4th December - Langholm v. Glasgow Southern

Match postponed due to snow.

National League: Saturday 27th November - Glenrothes [52] v. Langholm [22]

A very disappointing result where our defence seemed to crumble away. However, four Langholm tries at least gave us the consolation of a bonus point. [TS]

National League: Saturday 20th November - Langholm [9] v. Murrayfield Wanderers [3]

A tryless and very unsatisfying game. Wanderers looked the stronger side and were particularly good at stealing possession, which robbed Langholm of most of the opportunities to score. We were lucky. [IL]

Cup Tie: Saturday 13th November - Langholm [16] v. Duns [7]

A slogging game in which it took the team some tine to achieve dominance. [IL]

National League: Saturday 6th November - Stewartry [23] v. Langholm [28]

A bonus point game in which the team played much better than hitherto, scoring four absolutely top notch tries. [TS]

National League: Saturday 30th October - Langholm [22] v. Ross High [5]

A strange game, where both sides played fairly desultory rugby, with the score at half time being only 7-5. In the second half Langholm showed better form and took their score up to 22 after about 20 minutes play. Despite some strong attacks, the fourth try (and a bonus point) eluded us. [IL]

Border League: Tuesday 26th October - Peebles [31] v. Langholm [23]

Another defeat that concealed better play than before. Both sides ran the ball making for an entertaining game. [IL]

National League: Saturday 23rd October - Livingston [24] v. Langholm [18]

This defeat conceals the fact that Langholm did much better than in the past - the forwards played much better than in the last few matches. [IL]

National League: Saturday 9th October - Langholm [17] v. Annan [16]

Another fairly desultory game saw Langholm leading 12-10 by half time. Annan drew into the lead with two penalties, but Langholm ran in a late try to secure victory. [DH]

National League: Saturday 25th September 1999 - Corstorphine [20] v. Langholm [12]

A game with a few good moments late on, but lost through lack of disciplined play. [Neil Basnett, player]

National League: Saturday 18th September 1999 - Langholm [25] v. Duns [10]

A desultory first half closed with the score at 3-3. Duns took the lead early on in the second half, but after that Langholm powered through to take four tries, gaining a bonus point. [IL]

National League: Saturday 11th September 1999 - Glasgow Southern [20] v. Langholm [8]

A poor game. Denied access to the ball for a considerable amount of the game, Langholm only shone when they had posession. [DH]

National League: Saturday 4th September 1999 - Langholm [31] v. Glenrothes [18]

In sweltering conditions Langholm did well against Glenrothes, reaching 17-10 by the end of the first half. A patchy second half saw another try, but we failed to get the elusive bonus point. [IL]

Earlier Scores:

Border League: Saturday 28th August - Gala [29] v. Langholm [21]

Border League: Tuesday 24th August - Langholm [0] v. Hawick [50]

Friendly: Saturday 21st August - Langholm [22] v. Penrith [12]

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