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Here I'm gathering together a whole load of bits and pieces, including direct links, to sites all over the world, especially for those professionally involved, or just plain interested in Railway Operating practice. Suggestions for inclusion will be warmly welcomed!

None of these sites deal specifically with operating matters, but may nevertheless be of interest. There seems to be a dearth of sites dealing with Railway Operation on the Web. Please let me know of any relevant site so that I can include a link to it here.

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Here is an excellent source of route and track maps:


The European Railway Server is the best general-purpose site for those interested in European Railways.

Official Sites

[SNCB/NMBS] Belgian National Railways [BR] British Railway Companies
[CD] Czech Railways [DSB] Danish State Railways
[NS] Dutch Railways [EVR] Estonian Railways
[VR] Finnish Railways [SNCF] French Railways
[DBAG] German Railways [OSE] Greek Railways
[MAV] Hungarian Railways [FS] Italian State Railways
[CFL] Luxembourg Railways [NSB] Norwegian State Railways
[RATP] Paris Transport Authority [CP] Portugese Railways
[CFR] Romanian Railways [RENFE] Spanish Railways
[SJ] Swedish Railways [SBB/CFF] Swiss Federal Railways

Unofficial/Enthusiasts' Sites

[Albania] [Austria] [Belgium] [Bosnia] [Bulgaria] [Croatia] [Czech Republic] [Denmark]
[Finland] [France] [Germany] [Great Britain] [Greece] [Hungary] [Ireland] [Italy] [Latvia]
[Luxembourg] [Macedonia] [Netherlands] [Norway] [Poland] [Portugal] [Romania] [Russia]
[Slovak Republic] [Slovenia] [Spain] [Spanish Railways Online] [Sweden] [Switzerland]
[Ukraine] [Yugoslavia]

Railway Operation

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Great Britain and Ireland

Regulatory Body

Official Railway Sites

London Underground

UK Professional/Educational Sites

Other Sites

Articles in Electric Soup

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North America

Regulatory and Trade Organisations

Class 1 Railroads

Transit Authorities

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New York City Subway Operation

MTAThe New York City Subway System pages are written by Joseph Korman, who works for the NYC Transit Authority. These cover many of the operational features and technical aspects of the system, which enjoys a friendly rivalry with our own London Underground for the title of 'The Largest in the World'.

Joe has also produced several BAHN layouts, six of which now feature in Electric Soup International.

JoeKor Don't miss the rest of Joe's pages! And if you fancy yourself as a railway operator, why not have a go at his switching puzzle.

Make a point of looking at www.nycsubway.org - an excellent site.

* Interborough Rapid Transit 1904 is a remarkable book, first published in 1904 to mark the opening of the Interborough Rapid Transit, the first section of New York City's Subway system. The book being by now out of copyright, David Pirmann, webmaster of NYC Subway Resources, has transcribed it into a form suitable for the World Wide Web. Quite an achievement and a labour of love!

NXSYS screenshotThe NXSys NX Interlocking Panel simulator is another 'labour of love', this time from Bernard S. Greenberg. It correctly simulates the working of an 'Entry-Exit' power signalling system, as used on the NYC Subway, and is very similar to those in use in the UK.

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