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BAHN Networks from the U.S.A.

I'm delighted to welcome some of my fellow BAHN enthusiasts from the U.S.A. to these pages. All these networks are constructed to a very high standard, and are as accurate as BAHN will allow. They can be downloaded direct from here.

Stephen J. Hoskins, Tustin, CA.

New York City Transit Networks:

*IRT 1967 ... depicts the IRT (Interborough Rapid Transit) Division of the New York City Subway system around 1967. It shows all routes and tracks, however train frequency is somewhat sparser than the actual IRT. The track layout was developed using maps by Peter Dougherty. (40k)

*IND 1967 ... depicts the IND (Independent) Division of New York City's subway system around 1967. Some routes were modified to take advantage of the many express tracks built into the IND Division, and a 1979-vintage "JFK Express" is also illustrated. This system's BAHN layout was also developed using Peter Dougherty's maps. This layout has now been comprehensively updated. [04 May 1996] (44k)

*BMT 1967 ... depicts the BMT (Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit) Division of New York City's subway system around 1967. All routes in service at that time are depicted as well as the complex interlockings around DeKalb Avenue, East New York and Stillwell Avenue - Coney Island. Again, Peter Dougherty's maps were used to develop this layout file. (48k)

*PATH The Port Authority Trans-Hudson system connecting lower Manhattan and New Jersey is depicted in this layout file, set around 1980. Various types of PATH and Hudson & Manhattan subway trains run the lines and some connecting services (NJ Transit and Amtrak, Conrail freight) are shown to add some flavor. (19k)

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Other US Transit Networks:

*Philadelphia SEPTA Philadelphia's subway system, as well as interurban lines that connect with the subways, are shown in this layout file. Some streetcar lines (ones that actually use the streetcar subway in central Philadelphia) also operate on this simulation. (47k)

*Washington DC WMATA The modern subway system of the Nation's Capital is displayed in this layout file which is dated around mid-1984. (31k)

*Los Angeles LACMTA Some of the United States' newest rail transit lines are depicted in this simulation covering the light rail lines (Blue and Green Lines) and heavy rail subway of Los Angeles County. This layout file is set in late 1995 and will see periodic updates as the prototype system grows. (22k)

*San Francisco BART The heavy rail subway system of the San Francisco bay area is depicted in this layout file which is correct as of early 1996. The system stretches some eighty miles on three major routes which all start under the city of San Francisco, then travel the underwater "Transbay Tube" to the east bay. (35k)

*San Diego Trolley San Diego began their Trolley in 1981 and it has been growing ever since. This layout file illustrates the two routes of the San Diego Trolley system, as well as the commuter rail and intercity trains that service San Diego. (28k) Full Layout Description

*SacramentoThe capital city of California began running light rail in 1987, and their single-line system is depicted in this layout file. All the trackwork was laid out using official Sacramento Regional Transit engineering planbooks. (28k)

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European Transit Networks:

*Berlin ... represents the U-Bahn network of Germany's capital city. This layout is based on a schematic plan produced by the Berlin Transport Authority (BVG), which is available at the New York City Subway Resources site. More information on the Berlin U-Bahn may be found at the Berlin U-BAHN Web Page. (44k)

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Stephen H. Karlson, DeKalb, IL.

*Milwaukee 1929 ... shows the interurban service operated by The Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Company in the November 1929 timetable. Fleshed out with as many Milwaukee streetcar routes as the memory permits. Also has North Shore Line city and interurban services and a few steam railroads. (84k)

*Chicago 1995 ... represents the rapid transit service operated by Chicago Transit Authority in late 1995 or early 1996, before the Lake-South Side lines reopened. Does not show the location of all the hot-dog stands. (62k)

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Joseph D. Korman, Staten Island, NYC, NY.

*Washington DC WMATA ... is another interpretation of the US Capital's subway system, this version being that of the present day, including details of the extensions currently under construction. This layout was prepared using official contractor's track maps. In this network, the depots are fully laid out. (19k)

*New York City Rail Systems This layout captures the flavor of the commuter (and some freight) service in the New York City metropolitan area. Included in the simulation are:

No attempt was made at 100% accuracy at the out ends of the lines. Most terminals are hidden loops or tail tracks, depending on whether the train might be turned (locomotive haul) or MU/Push-pull. (40k)

*New York City Subway - BMT Operations This layout is mainly based on the 1997 services provided on the former BMT division of the New York City transit system. The simulated lines include the Brighton, Fourth Ave, West End, Sea Beach, Culver (now part of IND), Astoria, Myrtle, Jamaica, and Canarsie.
I have bent history a bit by including the Culver Shuttle, which was abandoned, the N Q trains use the Manhattan Bridge Broadway side for Broadway Express service. Some of the B trains go to 63rd St. The Myrtle Ave El to Jay St.
The mainline track switches are fairly accurate, but may have places where BAHN cannot duplicate reality, or it must be modified to allow accurate service in the simulation. There was no attempt to make the yard accurate or complete, especially Coney Island Yard. (47k)

*Brooklyn "Els" The tracks are basically as they were in 1910. Most of the els were two tracks. The Brighton Line between Church Avenue and Sheepshead Bay was the only line that had already been replaced with the alighnment still in service in 1997.
The sections in downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg, and Manhattan have been elongated to show more detail. Some of the outer lines have been compressed to make junctions fit.
Although all of the lines shown were electrified by 1910, I have shown all of the trains as steam haul (with push-pull), since at this time BAHN does not have cars that are close to the style used by the BRT in 1910. (26k)

*Brooklyn Trackless Trolleys This layout, although not really a trolley or train network, is for the Brooklyn trackless trolleys that operated from the 1940's to 1960. From 1952 to 1963, I lived a block from the St. John's Place & Ralph Ave terminal of the #45 St. John's and #65 Bergen lines. (11k)

*New York City Subway - IND Phase II Extensions Not Built This layout is based on the IND layout done by Steve Hoskins. Steve's layout showed the IND lines built between 1932 and 1958 (with some extras). 'INDNOT' shows the Phase II extensions of the IND system that centered around the 2nd Ave, S. 4th Street, Myrtle Ave and Utica Ave lines that were never built. The 2nd Ave and South 4th St sections are documented in some diagrams developed around 1931. There is some guess work in a number of places. The routes used in most cases are extensions onto the new lines from previous terminals. (60k)

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Ted Nielsen, New York City, NY.

*London Docklands Light Railway This is a comprehensive layout representing the complete DLR system and its current extensions. Note particularly Ted's very effective use of text in the map modes. [IL] (13k)

*Hudson - Bergen LRT This is an interesting layout representing the Hudson Bergen LRT (Light Rail Transit) system presently under construction in New Jersey, which will run from Bayonne NJ to Ridgefield NJ via Jersey City, Hoboken and Secaucus. [IL] (13k)

*Würzburger Straßenbahnen A neat little network depicting the tramway system of Würzburg, Germany as running in 1996. [IL] (11k)

*Hong Kong Rail Systems This layout depicts the Kowloon and Canton Railway, the Mass Transit Railway, The Peak Tramway, and the street tramway network of Hong Kong. [IL] (34k)

*The Channel Tunnel An interesting network showing the operation of the undersea link between Britain and France, featuring the frequent 'Le Shuttle' vehicle transporters. [IL] (33k)

*Montreal Metro ... represents the Canadian city's subway network as running today, plus all proposed extensions.

*Rio de Janiero This South American layout represents both Metro lines (1 & 2), Santa Tereza tramway, Cocovari Railway, and part of the Flumitrens commuter railroad. It also shows the proposed extension of Metro Line 1 to Copacabana.

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