You hear a voice:

"Welcome, Cyber-Traveller"

There is mist all around but above your head you can just make out a constellation of satellites called

GPS Utility.

(a program for managing GPS information)

The mist before your eyes begins to clear and your eyes begin to focus on a number of icons standing before you. From these you are able to deduce that you have arrived:

on the planet Earth - | One World Online | The United Nations | EFF|
in a region occupied by the European Union
You have landed in the United Kingdom - | UK Index | UK Government
within the the County of Hampshire - | Hantsweb| Hantsnet|
You have entered the Murphy abode

Very soon the mist finally evaporates and you now see four doors in front of you:

Alan Murphy

Heather Murphy

Helen Murphy

Liz Murphy

GPS Software,
The Wild Iris Project
Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nursing,
Medicine, Manchester, Vanuatu Hearing Disabilities,
Working with a disability

You look through a window and see:

~      ~ GPS
Boat Sailing
Building _ Diving _

To the right you see six doors:

The Library

Search Facility

Law Room

Drawing Room

Paint Studio


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Thick Line Bresenham Algorithm

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Behind you are some signs

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