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BAHN Networks from the UK and Europe

Starting with a contribution from Pete Humble of Leicester, UK, I'm delighted to welcome more of my fellow BAHN enthusiasts from the UK and Europe to these pages. As with the layouts from the USA, all these networks are constructed to a very high standard, and are as accurate as BAHN will allow. They can all be downloaded direct from here.

Lars Borgemo, Partille, Sweden.

*Vienna Tramway Networkis depicted as it was in 1939, just before the outbreak of the Second World War. This is a detailed and painstakingly constructed large network requiring a lot of memory and is well worth downloading. [IL] (113k)

*Helsingfors Tramway Network in Finland is depicted as it was in 1992. Whilst being a much smaller layout, it still displays a high level of detail. [IL] (13k)

Nico Hoogerwerf, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

*Amsterdam Tramways as running at the present time. This is a well constructed layout of one of the nicest European 'big city' systems, and even depicts the author's house! [IL] (21k)

Julian Hayward, Bracknell, England, UK.

*Great Eastern/ London, Tilbury & Southend As well as the complete LT&S network from Fenchurch Street, this layout includes the lines radiating from Liverpool St. as far as Stansted and Shenfield/Southend, together with other routes in the Railtrack empire. The London Docklands Light Railway is also shown. Not all LU lines are featured; specifically the Victoria line, and the Central line east of Stratford, are not present. The service on former BR lines is modelled on a Saturday service according to the Winter timetable 1996-7, together with minimal balancing workings. (40k)

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Pete Humble, Leicester, England, UK.

*Boston MBTA ... depicts the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's trolley, subway and trackless trolley lines in Boston. It is based on that produced for Boston in 1986 by Richard W. Beebe. It has been modified to use some of the features in BAHN 3.40, to use as correct and up to date (1996) track map as available, and correct schedules, where possible. (38k)

The track plan for the subway and trolley routes is based on the Boston Track Map for February 1996 produced by Michael Adler and is available from New York City Subway Resources.

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