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I have decided to put the current versions of all my 'active layouts' on this page, rather than older 'finished' versions. As a result, some may report errors, but none will cause problems for the BAHN program itself. The date in square brackets is the last time the layout ZIP archive was updated.

These newer layouts incorporate new rolling stock, including improved versions of all the standard BAHN stock I contributed back in the late 1990s. 'Scotrail' has even got a working 'Maid of the Loch' and a few car ferries.

There are also many new scenic libraries. For example, GSE1 includes the 'Loco Crane' and Finnieston Tunnel Rotunda at Stobcross, and Bowling Swing Bridge.

Please feel free to pass on copies of these simulations, but only in the original ZIP archives please, as some of the layots have lots of ancillary files.

The stock and scenery libraries supplied with my networks may also be freely incorporated in your own layouts providing they are acknowledged to me and a link to this site is given.

The latest version of BAHN is always here

The Layouts:

*ScotRail 1987 ('Active layout')

This is a BAHN383 simulation of the complete Scottish railway network in the latter days of British Rail, based on the Quail Map of 1987. A big layout, this version is currently being revised with more accurate track layouts etc, so errors may occur. It also comes with with completely revised BR locos, rolling stock and scenic graphics. It is very much a 'work in progress'.

More about ScotRail [19 March 2007]


This BAHN383 layout depicts the Glasgow Underground as running December 1992 with a reasonably accurate timetable for a weekday service. Probably the World's smallest Subway! A small layout. The ZIP file includes a GIF map of the network. [6 May 2006]

*GSE1 1961 ('Active layout')

The 'Blue Trains'. This is a BAHN383 layout based on British Railways practice and represents the first stage of the 25kV electrification of the Glasgow North suburban lines (52 Route miles) which was completed in November 1960. This simulation has now been revised (Version 4.0), and, together with completely revised BR locos, rolling stock and scenic graphics, incorporates much more accurate track layouts, and improved scheduling. [10 April 2007]


This BAHN383 simulation depicts Glasgow Central Station and the lines radiating from it as they were in about 1977, before the opening of the Argyle Line, in 1979, when some services were diverted to the low level platforms 14 & 15. At the time, Glasgow Central was the busiest station in Europe. This new version includes completely revised BR locos and rolling stock. [10 April 2007]

*THE LONDON UNDERGROUND 1980 ('Active layout')

A very large BAHN383 simulation of the London Underground about 1980/1, before the Docklands Light Railway and Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 extension were opened. This layout has been continuously improved and extended, and together with completely revised BR locos, rolling stock and scenic graphics, incorporates all BR surface lines north of the Thames, though many have yet to be provided with a full complement of trains. It is very much a 'work in progress', and I intend to add all the Southern Region lines in due course. More about the London Underground [10 April 2007]

( 45k)

This BAHN383 simulation depicts the Tyne and Wear Metro, a self - contained LRT network located in Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead in the North East of England, as running at the present time. A grand wee system, now extended to Sunderland (not in this simulation). More about the Tyne and Wear Metro [6 May 2006]

*THE WAVERLEY ROUTE 1952 ('Active layout')
( 107k)

Carlisle (England) to Edinburgh (Scotland) via Galashiels, and Branches. This BAHN383 simulation depicts this line as it was in 1952, four years into Nationalisation. The line was called the 'Waverley Route' because it runs through the Scottish Borders countryside immortalised by Sir Walter Scott and his 'Waverley' novels. A traditional British steam railway!

This layout has been completely refurbished, with new rolling stock, proper refuge sidings, reworked trak layouts, and a much expanded Carlisle area.

As a point of interest, watch the coal trains shunt at Lady Victoria Pit! [05 April 2007]


This little tram layout is a sort of animated street map of Langholm, where I live, and was one of the first networks I made. It's been modified a wee bit over time, but is basically just for fun. The tram icon's a Glasgow 'Cunarder'. It would have been nice, but trams never actually ran here. [20 March 2007]


This BAHN383 simulation depicts the most complex parts of the New York Subway system in all of Manhattan, and parts of Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn. Outlying lines are represented by 'hidden loops'. Part of the PATH system including the Hudson Tubes is also depicted. For complete simulations of these lines please see Steve Hoskins' 1967 networks. More about the New York City Subway is at the unofficial <> site and at the MTA's website. [20 March 2007]


This BAHN383 layout depicts the Paris Métro in 1965, when I visited it on a school trip, and thoroughly enjoyed roaming around the system. This is another large layout, with over 350 trains and took nearly four months of spare time to construct. More about the Paris Métro from the RATP Website.[20 March 2007]

Some photos I took of the Paris Métro in 1965, mostly at Ateliers de Vaugirard Depot, and some other interesting aspects of the Métro as well!


Here's an extra special layout for BAHN383 users. It's a fairly compact but complex fictional British 'Metro' system. This network is only available here!
[20 March 2007]

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