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20th June 1998

Check out The BAHN Webring, by courtesy of David Paxton.

23rd April 1998

Better late than never - the network list is updated at last. My apologies for the delay. It'll not be too long before more news breaks - that's all I can say for the moment.

12th January 1998

James Bow has now added a ZIP containing two new layouts depicting Saskatoon in 1932 and 1964. These have been added to the network list, taking us to a total of 103. Not bad eh?

15th December 1997

More layouts have been added to the network list, taking us beyond the 100 mark. At his Canadian site, James Bow has also added to and updated some of his networks recently.

Dutchman Nico Hoogerwerf has two new layouts at his website - a look ahead to the Amsterdam Tramways of 2005, and the very ambitious Nederlandse Spoorwegen - Dutch State Railways.

Ted Nielsen has made a very attractive Danish layout - The Høng-Tølløse Jernbane. I'll add the link to it shortly.

3rd November 1997

Alan Grossert has made a fine version of the St. John's, Newfoundland Bus Network, available at James Bow's Canadian BAHN pages. This is the first bus network I've seen, and I'm looking forward to more Bus Networks in future.

Jack Leaf has produced a new BAHN page, and has a built a comprehensive network based on Braunschweig, Germany's Tram and Rail systems, which you can download.

I've also updated the Layout List again - we're now up to 95!

28th September 1997

You may have noticed that Jan Bochmann has now made available an editor for the user defined Scenic Graphics. This, and a web page of instructions, may be downloaded from his homepage. I am reissuing a version of my Glasgow Suburban Electric Network which contains some British style railway buildings. Remember to transfer both the .NT3 and .UZG files into the same directory before running the layout.

One very nice feature of the editor is that it is possible to load several sets of graphics, and to 'drag and drop' symbols within and between them. I found it easy to use and quite intuitive, despite my rusty German.

I've also made a generic set of British railway buildings and features and put it in a separate ZIP archive. Copy the file BRITISH.UZG with the same name as your layout, retaining the .UZG extension, and you will be able to use these symbols. I only ask that you acknowledge this in the Information section or text file of your layout.

20th September 1997

Some more BAHN layouts have been added to my list. I discovered Philip Ng's Staten Island Rapid Transit 1949 layout on the NYC Subway Resources site, whilst James Bow has added Nick Haste's Greater Ontario Transit 1995, and his own Hamilton, Ontario, 1939 networks to his site, both with detailed descriptions. These take the total number of layouts available to 89! Can we make it to the 'ton' by Christmas, I wonder?

As a stopgap until my Glasgow Corporation Tramways layout is completed, I'm building a small simulation of Carlisle, England's tramway as running about 1910. I'll let you know when it's ready.

Remember, if you have a layout available on the Web, and it's not listed, I'll be happy to add it if you send me the details.

1st September 1997

Ted Nielsen's Montréal Métro and Rio de Janiero layouts are now available. More information is in 'Electric Soup International'.

Since obtaining some more source information, Steve Hoskins has recently comprehensively updated his Berlin U-Bahn layout. More information on Steve's layout is in 'Electric Soup International'.

James Bow has nominated my London Underground simulation as his 'BAHN Layout of the Month' for September. Very flattering! By the way, I'll be changing all the trains to the correct types once the new version of BAHN comes out.

I apologise for the delay in getting my Glasgow Corporation Tramways layout finished - I decided to hold off until the new version of BAHN, so that I can include the correct cars. It's likely to be some time before it's ready.

The layout list has been updated again - 86 layouts now!

16th August 1997

I've been watching with interest the growing variety of new rolling stock that Jan Bochmann is now adding into the new version of BAHN. I sent him a large quantity of graphics, and I'm very gratified to see that there is a growing collection of British stock, including the Glasgow 'Blue Trains' and a selection for the London Underground. There are also some 'Southern Electric' EMUs, so I hope we'll be seeing some interesting new networks based on that fascinating system. New Yorkers will be pleased too - a good selection of Subway cars is there - prepared by myself with help from Steve Hoskins.

Joe Korman's come up with another winner. INDNOT is a 'might have been' New York City Subway IND Division network featuring many of the extensions planned in the early 1930s, but not built.

1st August 1997

James Bow's Omaha/Council Bluffs 1948 streetcar simulation is now available.

Important: Would all registered users of BAHN please send their email addresses to the author, Jan Bochmann. If you haven't yet registered, and the trial period has elapsed, please do so now.

The layout list has been updated.

13th July 1997

Ted Nielsen's Channel Tunnel layout is now available. More information is in 'Electric Soup International'.

No less than four layouts from Joe Korman are now listed in 'Electric Soup International'.

6th July 1997

I have compiled a complete listing, with links, of 75 BAHN Networks available on the web. Please advise me of any new layout, or any I've missed out, and I'll add it here.

James Bow has added a very impressive fictional layout to his Canadian BAHN Page, based on the part of Ontario where he lives, and also a simulation of the Vancouver Trolleybus and Skytrain network, by Dave Snowden.

30th June 1997

Ted Nielsen's Hong Kong Rail Systems layout is now available. Today is the day on which the British Crown colony of Hong Kong reverts to Chinese rule. More information is in 'Electric Soup International'.

26th June 1997

Jan Bochmann, BAHN's author, now has a website. Among other things, it contains details of a new version of BAHN (3.55?), hopefully to be released later this year. Check it out to see some of the new goodies we can look forward to. There's also a patch available there which will give some English language support to BAHN340.

Jan Bochmann's HomePage 1.5 (English)

If you haven't already registered your copy of BAHN, please do so now. The lack of English language support has been due to the low number of registrations.

24th June 1997

Two more layouts for you - Pete Humble's revised version of the Boston MBTA and Steve Hoskins' excellent new Berlin U-Bahn Layout. More Information on Steve's layout is in 'Electric Soup International'.

I've also started a new 'Electric Soup International' page, covering layouts submitted to me by friends in the UK and Europe. You'll get more information about Pete Humble's Boston Layout there.

1st June 1997

Another two layouts from Ted Nielsen - simulations of the proposed Hudson-Bergen LRT network in New Jersey USA, and the tramway network of Würzburg, Germany. More Information is in 'Electric Soup International'.

James Bow of Ontario, Canada, has been busy too. He now has an excellent simulation of the Edmonton, Alberta tramway network as operating in 1924. Check it out at his website.

19th May 1997

I'm collaborating with Ted Nielsen to produce a simulation of the Channel Tunnel - It's a few weeks away yet, but promises to be an absolute cracker!

5th May 1997

A magnificent layout depicting the Vienna Tramway Network in 1939, has been produced by Lars Borgemo of Partille in Sweden. This is a very large network requiring a lot of memory and is well worth downloading.

Steve Hoskins has comprehensively updated his NYC Subway IND Division Layout. More Information is in 'Electric Soup International.

A London Docklands Light Railway layout has been released by Ted Nielsen of New York. More Information is in 'Electric Soup International.

Earlier News

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