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Last Revised: 10th April 2007

Here I have collected together details of all the BAHN resources and network files that I have been able to find on the Web.

If you have a web page, or network file which has not been included, or know of one, and would like it listed here, please email me the URL and any other relevant details, and I'll be happy to add it.

If you have created one or more of the networks, and the details are wrong or require updating please email me the details, and I'll amend the entry.

All the URLs - apart from graphic ones - on this page are given in full, so you can store a copy of it offline and use it to download the layouts direct when you go online, without having to reload this page from the web.

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BAHN Resources on the World Wide Web

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BAHN Networks on the World Wide Web

Alphabetic List - April 1998
With minor revisions April 2007

N.B. All networks are for BAHN340 unless otherwise stated.

Where the author's name is linked, this will take you to his website, or to a point where you can get further information about his work.

Where a network is available in both BAHN320 and BAHN340, only the BAHN340 or later layout is listed.

Network  Author Size Issue Date Notes
Amsterdam Tramways NL Nico Hoogerwerf 26k 25/04/97 
Amsterdam Tramways 2005 NL Nico Hoogerwerf 28k 07/07/97 
Asunçion, Paraguay (Tramways) PY Malte Cordes 4k 23/09/97 
Augsburg DE Thomas Puckert 9k 05/05/97 
Berlin U-Bahn 1996 DE Steve Hoskins 36k 26/06/97 
Berlin 2002 (Tramways, Heavy Rail) DE Joachim Hese 77k 03/09/97 
Boston, MA MBTA 1996 US Pete Humble 38k 24/06/97 
Braunschweig (Tramways, Heavy Rail) DE Jack Leaf 70k 18/10/97 
Bremen DE "Nase" 34k 24/08/96 
Brisbane Tramways 1961 AU Mark Hodson 72k 15/03/98 
British Metro Layout (Fictional) UK Iain Logan 27k 20/03/07 BAHN383 
The Channel Tunnel - Britain-France (Eurotunnel) EU Ted Nielsen 33k 07/07/97 
Chicago, IL CTA 1995 US Steve Karlson 62k 26/10/96 
Chicago, IL (Illinois Central Electric 1940) US Dave Snowden 21k 05/04/96 
City and Country Railroad (Fictional) David Paxton 52k 31/10/96 
Cologne-Bonn DE Felix B. 89k 11/05/97 
Demonstration Layout Iain Logan  8k 17/09/96 
Dresden DE I & J Bochmann 79k 13/03/96 BAHN320 
Edmonton Radial Railway 1924 (Streetcars) CA James Bow 34k 28/05/97 
Frankfurt-am-Main Tramways DE Martin Volp 75k 18/05/97 
Freiburg Tramways DE Tobias Kohler 12k 30/08/96 
Glasgow Suburban Electrification 1961 (Scotland) UK Iain Logan 54k 20/03/07 Notes, Map, User Graphics - BAHN383 
Glasgow Central Station 1977 (Scotland) UK Iain Logan 64k 26/03/07 BAHN383 
Glasgow Subway 1992 (Scotland) UK Iain Logan 81k 20/03/07 BAHN383 - Includes GIF map 
Greater Toronto Commuter Rail 1995  CA Nick Haste 22k 14/09/97 
Halle 1995/6 DE Felix B. 30k 16/01/97 
Halle DE I & J Bochmann 25k 13/03/96 BAHN320 
Hamilton Ontario, 1939  CA James Bow 22k 19/09/97 
Helsingfors (Helsinki) FI Lars Borgemo 13k 25/03/97 
Hilversum NL Felix B. 33k 16/01/97 
Hong Kong Rail (Rapid Transit, Heavy Rail, Tramway) HK Ted Nielsen 34k 24/06/97 
Hudson-Bergen Light Rail NJ US Ted Nielsen 13k 23/05/97 
Kassel Tramways DE Oliver Fischer 37k 19/03/97 
Karlsruhe DE I & J Bochmann 24k 13/03/96 BAHN320 
Langholm, Dumfriesshire, Scotland (Fictional) UK Iain Logan  8k 20/03/07 BAHN383 
London Docklands Light Railway 1997 UK Ted Nielsen 12k 16/05/97 
London: Great Eastern/LTS Heavy Rail UK Julian Hayward 40k 07/07/97 
London Underground 1980 UK Iain Logan 76k 05/04/07 BAHN383 
Long Island Rail Road I US Dave Snowden 27k 05/04/96 
Long Island Rail Road II US Steven Lynch 11k 17/09/96 
Los Angeles, CA (MTA) US Steve Hoskins 20k 17/06/97 
Madrid Metro ES Tony Roeder 129k 19/01/98 
Milan (Streetcars) IT Mark Hodson 15k 03/09/97 
Montréal Métro 1997 CA Ted Nielsen 23k 01/09/97 
Munich 1996 Tramways, Heavy Rail DE Sergi Ottobrun 78k 03/09/97 
Munich S- and U-Bahn DE Holger Hingst 45k 07/05/97 
Munich U-Bahn Network DE Felix B. 26k 22/03/97 
Munich U-Bahn DE Wolfram Krail 16k 08/01/97 
Neckar Alb Region (Stuttgart) DE David Jürgens 62k 30/10/96 
Nederlandse Spoorwegen - Dutch State Railways NL Nico Hoogerwerf 65k 07/09/97 
New Haven, CT Streetcars 1940 US Dave Snowden 25k 05/04/96 
New York City Subway: BMT 1967 US Steve Hoskins 40k 15/09/96 #1 of 4 layouts 
New York City Subway: BMT US Dave Snowden 36k 07/06/96 
New York City Subway: BMT Operations 1997 US Joe Korman 47k 24/01/98 
New York City Subway: BMT and IND 1998 US Philip Ng 70k 17/04/98 
New York City Subway: IND 1967 US Steve Hoskins 40k 03/05/97 #2 of 4 layouts 
New York City Subway: IND US Dave Snowden 29k 07/06/96 
New York City Subway: IND Phase II Extensions Not Built US Joe Korman 60k 08/08/97 
New York City Subway: IRT #7 Flushing Line US Dave Snowden 9k 05/04/96 
New York City Subway: IRT 1967 US Steve Hoskins 48k 15/09/96 #3 of 4 layouts 
New York City Subway: IRT US Dave Snowden 42k 07/06/96 
New York City Subway: IRT 1997 US Philip Ng 66k 19/01/98 
New York City: Brooklyn "Els" 1910 US Joe Korman 11k 14/09/97 
New York City: Brooklyn Trackless Trolleys US Joe Korman 27k 07/07/97 
New York City: Brooklyn Trolleys 1930-50 US Joe Korman 89k 15/03/98 
New York City: Heavy Rail Systems US Joe Korman 40k 14/09/97 
New York City: Manhattan Lines (BMT, IND, IRT, PATH) US Iain Logan 61k 30/09/96 
New York City: Port Authority Trans Hudson US Steve Hoskins 19k 15/09/96 #4 of 4 layouts 
New York City: Staten Island Trolley/Trackless/SIRT 1918-53 US Philip Ng 22k 13/12/97 
New York City: Staten Island Rapid Transit 1949 US Philip Ng 11k 25/08/97 
Norrkoping Tramways SE David Jurgens  7k 30/08/96 
Omaha/Council Bluffs 1948 (Streetcars) US James Bow 50k 30/07/97 
Paris Métro 1965 FR Iain Logan 70k 20/03/07 Notes - BAHN383
Patchogue, Long Island, NY (Switching Operations) US Steven Lynch  6k 17/09/96 
Philadelphia, PA (Regional Rail, Subway, LRV, 1995) US John O'Connell 101k 18/11/96 
Philadelphia, PA (SEPTA) US Steve Hoskins 47k 15/09/96 
Phoenix, AZ US Arizona R.P.A. 29k 17/09/96 
Pittsburgh, PA (Light Rail) US Dave Snowden 50k 05/04/96 
Pittsburgh, PA (Light Rail) US Dave Snowden 47k 07/06/96 
Prague CZ Martin Künchen 36k 23/10/96 
Rhätische Bahn (Rhaetian Railway) CH Wolfgang Hügin 29k 29/04/97 
Rhineland DE Ingbert Neumeister 53k 01/03/95 BAHN320 
Rio de Janiero 1997 BR Ted Nielsen 22k 01/09/97 
Rome (Streetcars, Heavy Rail) IT Oskar Messerschmidt 14k 24/09/97 
Sacramento, CA (Light Rail) US Steve Hoskins 28k 15/09/96 
St. John's, Newfoundland, Bus Network 1997 CA Alan Grossert 59k 19/10/97 
San Diego, CA (Trolley/Light Rail) US Steve Hoskins 28k 10/03/97 Notes 
San Francisco, CA (BART) US Steve Hoskins 35k 15/09/96 
San Francisco, CA (Cablecars) US Tobias Kohler 7k 30/08/96 
San Francisco, CA (MUNI) US Dave Snowden 42k 05/04/96 
Saskatoon Municipal Railway 1932 (Streetcars) CA James Bow 45k 19/12/97 Bundled with below 
Saskatoon Transit System 1964 (Trolleybuses) CA James Bow 45k 19/12/97 
Bundled with above 
Schleswig-Holstein DE Holger Hingst 66k 07/05/97 
ScotRail - Scotland's Rail Network UK Iain Logan 136k 20/03/07 Includes map - BAHN383 
Seattle, WA US Dave Snowden 36k 05/04/96 
Toronto Transit Commission - Streetcars 1998 CA James Bow 73k 30/11/97 
Toronto Transit Commission - Subway1998 CA James Bow 73k 30/11/97 
Toronto Transit Commission - Streetcars 2011 CA James Bow 290k 30/11/97 
Tutorial Layout Steven Lynch  6k 17/09/96 
Tyne and Wear Metro 1993 UK Iain Logan 45k 20/03/07 BAHN383 
Vancouver (Trolley Buses and Skytrain) 1997 CA Dave Snowden 39k 18/06/97 
Vienna Tramways 1939 AT Lars Borgemo 113k 25/04/97 
Waterloo, Ontario 2001 (Fictional) CA James Bow 81k 03/07/97 
'The Waverley Route' 1952 - Carlisle to Edinburgh UK Iain Logan 107k 05/04/07 Notes, GIF map PDF map included - BAHN383 
Washington DC (WMATA) US Steve Hoskins 31k 17/09/96 
Washington DC (WMATA) US Joe Korman 19k 24/09/96 
Würzburg Tramways DE Ted Nielsen 11k 18/05/97 

Most of the network ZIPs include author's notes.

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